Floor renovations: 5 things to consider

There are 5 factors that make SKEMA floors ideal for room renovations and refurbishments.
5 factors that make it possible to renovate surfaces quickly and cost-effectively.

At the heart of the success of renovations in private homes, hotels, shops, showrooms and collective spaces is above all the possibility of installing SKEMA floors with floating installation.

Floating laying can be done with various types of flooring and is applicable to all SKEMA lines: Living laminates, Oximoro and Lumbertech wood flooring, Sintesy resilient flooring and also the Outside line adapts a dry laying system, using clips and mats. This laying system is practical, fast, eco-friendly, allowing existing floors to be covered without affecting or removing them.

Floating installation in turn is possible thanks to the technical specifications of the products, equipped with precise and quick joints, high-performance subfloors and surfaces technologically treated to be resistant to scratches, water or temperature changes.  

Work by Il parquet di Busatta Enrico e Giuseppe 

The five characteristics that make SKEMA floors ideal for renovations are:

Low thickness

Laminates, SPC, engineered wood, are all solutions with reduced total thicknesses, allowing them to be installed on existing floors without having to intervene on the fixtures.

Dry laying

Floating installation makes the floor quick to renew, immediately walkable and is also an environmentally friendly method because it does not involve the use of adhesives.

Low installation costs

The installation price is affordable, and thanks to its flexibility, lightness, ease of installation and the possibility to do it on existing surfaces, demolition and disposal costs are avoided.

Reduced lead times

Application times are immediate, there is no structural work to be done and there is no waiting time as in the case of glue drying. As soon as the floor is laid, it is immediately walkable. For a flat of 80 square metres, one day's work by a professional is enough to lay the entire floor.

Installation in all types of environments

Among the SKEMA proposals there are solutions that combine low thickness and floating installation with water resistance, either total as in the case of SPC Sintesy or water-resistant for 24 hours as in the case of Hydro Laminates, so that even bathrooms and environments such as wellness centres, gyms and spas can be renovated without worries. Then there is the resistance to treading, certified for all multilayers, and a strong point for Lumbertech, making it suitable for the renovation of public areas.

Work by Il parquet di Busatta Enrico e Giuseppe 

Work by Contarin Mauro e C. Sas

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