SKEMA timetable at Infoprogetto 2023

SKEMA's well-established partnership with Infoprogetto leads us to participate in 5 accredited workshops this year, spread across 2023.

The area of focus for SKEMA is entitled Design & Contract, where topics of interest in the hotellerie, retail, and office sectors will be covered.
The first two events are on 14 March in Milan with the meeting "Rethinking Spaces: New Trends for Hospitality, Retail, and Offices" and on 23 March in Padua with the meeting entitled "Fluid and Harmonious Design: Keywords in Contemporary Design".

SKEMA 2023 dates

The dates for meeting SKEMA in the Infoprogetto 2023 edition are as follows: 

14 March 2023, Milan 
23 March 2023, Padua
13 June 2023, Verona
12 September 2023, Florence
26 October 2023, Turin

Registrations can be found on the Infoprogetto website close to each event.

The 2023 SKEMA theme: hybrid floors

SKEMA presents its hybrid wood solutions, such as Sintesy STAR.WOOD, proposals that are an evolved reinterpretation of traditional materials in terms of technology and performance. The wooden surface maintains all its aesthetic and sensorial qualities, enriched by those derived from the combination with polymers. Practicality, ease of laying, resistance, these are some of the benefits that the wooden floor acquires in being a hybrid, thus becoming more in line with the needs of today's environments and above all translating into a surface that is more respectful of sustainability processes.
The structure of wood hybrids allows less noble material to be used, which is in favour of protecting the forest heritage. The reduced thickness of the plank means greater lightness and therefore a lower impact on Co2 emissions for its transport. Engineered fastening systems simplify the separation of materials during disposal and enable recycling of materials.
All of these features make SKEMA's hybrid wood flooring a conscious choice to really get on the road to sustainability in construction.

The Infoprogetto format

Infoprogetto, is a free touring event that touches the main Italian cities, created to offer accredited training meetings to architects, engineers and surveyors and recognised by their respective registers. In recent years, it has offered the opportunity to participate in in-person or online events, always organised with the utmost professionalism and aimed at a highly specialised and competent target audience.
During the events, industry experts and companies present successful case studies, new technologies and innovative construction solutions, and it is in this context that SKEMA participates, proposing a different topic each year.

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