Floor and wall coverings for pubs and cafés

At the coffee shop with SKEMA, even coffee tastes better. Because SKEMA floor and wall coverings make rooms more comfortable, but also more practical and safer.

The multilayer solutions collected in Sistema and those, both rigid and textile, dedicated to Sonora soundproofing, make it possible to design bars, cafés and pastry shops with comfort and practicality in mind.

With the laminates of the Living line and Sintesy's SPC solutions you can create floors that have many advantages for the operator.

Easy-to-clean flooring

Antibacterial, anti-static, resistant to stagnation and easy to clean, because dirt cannot settle and stains are not absorbed. So in no time at all at the end of the day, the floor is clean and sanitised, saving time in the closing routine.

Non-slip flooring

Laminate and SPC floors are non-slip floors, a very important factor for public places, where waiters often have to literally run from one table to another; with a non-slip floor you can work more relaxed.

Long-lasting flooring

The structure of Living and Sintesy floors includes in both a protective surface coating. Laminates are protected by the Diamond Pro surface, SPCs are protected by the micro-ceraminated PU Star.Shell. In both cases, these technologies make the surfaces more resistant to wear and tear, protected against stains and trampling, so that they will last for years, always looking good and requiring no maintenance.

Floor coverings for room renovation

Reduced thickness, floating installation, precise and strong joints are the three features that make Living laminate flooring and SPC Sintesy flooring perfect for room renovation without having to remove the old floor. They can be laid on top of the existing surface and are immediately walkable, without having to close the room.

Silent floors

Laminate and SPC flooring help reduce reverberation and improve acoustic well-being. Sinyesy floors in particular have the acoustic subfloor already pre-coupled.


Integrated sound correction

The SKEMA offer for all public premises such as bars, ice cream parlours, cafeterias and pastry shops also thinks about improving the distribution of sound in the premises, with Sonora solutions. This integrated offer is a comprehensive, transversal proposal, ranging from rigid wall and ceiling coverings to furniture with sound-reflecting textile coverings. All solutions that can be combined with each other.
So you can think of structural interventions with Fonika and Akustika wall and ceiling panels, or flexible interventions with the Trametes, Skinì TEX, Talea TEX furnishing solutions, which allow a quick, flexible and configurable intervention.

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