Come and discover SKEMA TORTONA 37

On Thursday 9 March 2023, SKEMA, in partnership with Decor Lab, inaugurates a new space in the city of Milan that serves as a meeting point, workshop, exhibition.

The new SKEMA TORTONA 37 space, as its name suggests, is located at via Tortona 37 in Milan, in one of the city's key design and cultural districts, a few steps away from Mudec - Museo delle Culture and Padiglione Visconti.

Decor Lab

The SKEMA partner hosting this institutional space is Decor Lab. A reality that is a laboratory and a meeting point at the same time, where you can learn and stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in interior design. A place that has already become a compulsory passage to learn more about materials and technologies to be used in creative, unique and highly customised projects.

The 5 reasons for being of SKEMA TORTONA 37

SKEMA TORTONA 37 is the concentrate of the SKEMA identity that becomes a place, where all its facets are expressed:

1. A brand space, therefore institutional, within the Via Tortona area, strongly connoted for design. It is not a showroom, not a shop. The very architectural configuration of the Tortona 37 area is far removed from a classic concept of 'on the street' retail and was chosen also for this reason.

2. A product space, because thanks to the set-up completed in February 2023, complete with samples, catalogues and SKEMATHECA digital material library, SKEMA is able to offer a broad view of its product range, with particular emphasis on the LUMBERTECH and LUMBERTECH MODULAR programmes and on products, both rigid and textile, for acoustic treatment.

3. A service area for agencies, customers, designers where meetings, negotiations, training and refresher events can be organised.

4. A space for training courses, within Decor Lab, a transit point and hub for certain themes related to interior design, decoration and visual communication.

5. A space for events, such as the Decor Lab workshops and the SKEMA event scheduled during Milan Design Week.

SKEMA Design Week

The SKEMA TORTONA 37 space will be a busy hub all year round, but the first big event after its opening will take place in April, during design week, with a special Fuorisalone event scheduled for 19 April, which we will tell you about in detail in the coming weeks.

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