Skema's new expo corners

At the SKEMA30 corporate event, the new expo corners, designed to make Skema's solutions stand out to the fullest, were presented.
There are four new corners and they are dedicated to the Lumbertech world, to Star.Wood, to Star.K and to Acoustic systems.
The concept common to all four display systems is to highlight each solution in an integrated and comprehensive manner. Corners that have been designed to be islands that allow you to enter the Skema world and get to know every detail, from the technical to the aesthetic aspects. The introduction of these corners marks a new step in the presence of the Skema product and brand in the point of sale: greater display quality and the possibility of a truly experiential sale.


This expo system sums up the Lumbertech and Lumbertech Modular universe. An articulated platform, available in several versions, that allows all application and aesthetic aspects of engineered wood to be appreciated. The structure that holds the samples of the available finishes is made of Lumbertech Modular, which allows the creation of shelves, cabinets, shelves, but also tables, benches and much more.
The floor of the platform, on the other hand, showcases Lumbertech S700, which is characterised by its herringbone laying.
This product is naturally antibacterial, PEFC-certified and sustainable because it is made from only 1/8 of noble wood material compared to a traditional pre-finished laminate.



A technologically advanced environment that gives the user the benefits promised by Skema's acoustic well-being solutions. On display in this corner are products that correct the distribution of sound in rooms. The Vertical Akustika wall and ceiling cladding solutions and the SKEMAidea solutions are gathered here, with the fabric acoustic correction proposals for finished environments, such as Trametes and the Talea AK boiserie. Skematheca Idea-à-porter transforms the shopping experience, integrating product physicality and digital experience.


SKEMAcorner Star.Wood

The corner dedicated to Star.Wood focuses on the sensorial but also rational experience to which this unprecedented product brings, combining two apparently distant worlds: wood and SPC.
The display island is structured in such a way as to allow visitors to touch the surface finishes with which Star.Wood is proposed, but it is also equipped with all the tools that allow them to appreciate the technological innovation of Star.Wood that combines the beauty of wood with the many advantages of SPC vinyls.

SKEMAcorner Star.K

The retail assisted sales of Star.K needed a display system that would bring the experiential level up to the success of this SPC, which is increasingly becoming a protagonist and has unique performance characteristics, such as water resistance, that allow it to be applied in so many contexts: bathrooms, hotels, gyms, public and private environments.