With Star.KS, chevron laying is easy and resistant

Discover Star.KS the Sintesy line collection that combines the elegance of the French herringbone with the practicality of SPC technology.

The Sintesy line of synthetic floor coverings is known for its practical qualities that make it perfect for renovations, including wet areas such as bathrooms and public places such as hotels, shops and restaurants.

An easy French herringbone

Total water resistance, low thickness, simplified installation with TLS-5G interlocking, the pre-coupled underlayer and semirigid CaCo3 inner panel are all features that make SPC easy to use and high performing and that we find in Sintesy Star.KS, with the added bonus of the elegance of chevron laying.

An elegant SPC floor

Proposed in the 1498x300 mm format with a total thickness of only 6 mm, Star.KS has a micro-bevel on all four sides and exploits the end-less technology of the design, which is synchronised, simplifying laying and at the same time creating an effect of continuity where the planks follow one another, without breaks.

NizzaNantes and Marsiglia are the names of the three decors with which Star.KS is presented, all with Emotion finish, designed to enhance the grain and give the wood effect maximum realism.

Take a look at the proposed decors and discover how to create atmospheres full of style and charm, not only in domestic environments, but also in public spaces such as hotels, shops and restaurants.

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