Safe and soundproof conference room with Akustika

A project with Akustika improves sound distribution in the Tiziano conference hall of the Palazzo del Turismo in Jesolo, in the province of Venice.

Goodbye echo with Akustika

The 90-seat meeting room inside Jesolo's Palazzo del Turismo had a huge reverberation problem. The echo was so annoying that it was difficult to attend events inside. To solve the poor sound distribution, our client Kreo, a specialist in event and exhibition furnishing and contract furniture, chose Akustika fireproof panels in the decorative DF NAF Noce Canaletto 13/3 FP16.

Today, an area of more than 100 square metres of Akustika sound-absorbing panels makes it possible to enjoy the events taking place inside the hall in total acoustic well-being.
This is thanks to the choice of installing Akustika panels with a specific milling. The acronym 13/3 FP16 in fact indicates that for every 13 mm of solid strip there are 3 mm of milled and drilled slats with 8 mm diameter holes, 16 mm apart. This configuration allows the panel to have a very high sound absorption capacity, with an αS=1 absorption index in the speech frequencies. 

Akustika DF NAF fireproof and healthy

Another distinctive feature of the project is the use of DF and NAF panels that are tested and certified as fire retardant and zero formaldehyde. 
The use of this material allows the Akustika wall to be Bs1-d0 certified. 
This makes it a suitable solution for public and crowded spaces, with a focus not only on people's safety but also on their health.

Project details

Location: Tiziano Room, Palazzo del Turismo
Partner Skema: Kreo
Site: Jesolo (VE) Italy
Kind of Environment: Meeting Room
Intervention type: sound-correcting wall covering
Installed product: Vertical Akustika
​Decor: DF NAF Noce Canaletto 
Milling: 13/3 FP 16
Surface: 110 sqm


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