The expertise of Martina Due, our partner based in the Parco Commerciale Pandora in the North Rome area, can be seen in the care with which it has decided to set up its new showroom, a SKEMAtheca flagship store.

Contract renovations in Rome

Cernei Rodion is the owner of Martina Due, our partner SKEMAtheca is a specialist in all-inclusive building renovations in Rome and its province, which over the years has developed a close working relationship with architects and interior designers.

In the 70 square metres of exhibition space, a large SKEMAtheca takes place, where the multimedia console is accompanied by large showcases around the entire room perimeter. Samples of SKEMA products are collected here, and large wall panels of Yles-designed wood flooring complete the furnishings.

An exclusive environment that reflects Martina Due's corporate philosophy, oriented to giving only the best to its customers, who are followed step by step, from the renovation project, to the choice of materials, up to the installation, followed only by qualified professional installers.

The selection of suppliers and materials

The attention Martina Due pays to the customer is absolute. Over the years, our partner has narrowed down its suppliers to just three: one, SKEMA, for warm surfaces, one for wallpapers, and one for designer resins, so as to provide a complete surface offering.

After the first phase of listening and understanding the needs, they proceed to the choice of materials, selected by our partner according to the requests and specific needs of the worksite.
A careful selection that doesn't want to leave room for doubts, so much so that during the pre-order phase, Martina Due sets up examples of the floor laid in the room to be renovated. In this way the customer can actually see the surface in the designated space and choose the one he prefers without hesitation.

Within this operational framework, SKEMAtheca, inside the Martina Due spaces, helps in the support to the conscious choice, thanks to its system that allows all the proposals to be displayed in a multimedia way, with samples and with images of real time settings. A more dynamic and in-depth way to compare the various options and to have a more complete overview of the final result.


SKEMAtheca is a trendsetting, digital and integrated sales system based on the customer's sensory experience and product mix. With SKEMAtheca it is possible to respond to the three sales moments of experience, design and digital information. A true medium through which to undertake an experience where one can gain technical and aesthetic awareness of the solutions available for interior design projects.