Discover all the finishes and colors of the new lines Lumbertech and Evertech

2019 is the year that Skema dedicates to technological products, with the launch of new solutions and the renewal of some lines. Among the great innovations announced are Lumbertech and Evertech composite wood floors, evolutions of the Lindura and Nadura lines, which today are presented with a range of new or renewed finishes and colours.


Lumbertech's oil or varnish proposals 

The Lumbertech line, an evolution of Lindura, maintains the oil or varnish finishes, in different sizes. A greater naturalness to the touch and to the sight characterizes the proposal of the engineered wood, where neither glues nor adhesives are applied, the wood in its beauty is enhanced and made more resistant to impact and wear.

The version with oil finish is available in two different sizes. 

Natural, Puro and Elementary are the three colours available with size 2600x320x11mm. 

The new 2200x270x11mm size is available in the exclusive colours Cester, Light Form, Black Form, Soleil Oak, Real Oak and True Oak.

The varnished finish version of Lumbertech is available in the 2200x270x11mm size and includes six colours, from the warmest to the lightest ones, and they are: Noce, Indian Oak, Namib Oak, Blanche Oak, Canapa Oak e Lima Oak.

Evertech two sizes and many textures

The surfaces of the composite wood Evertech line are characterized by their modern appearance and the reference to materials such as rock, beton or metal. Evertech is a highly technological floor, with a low thickness and great resistance to shocks and scratches, at the base of this surface there is the patent Nadura, the compound of wood dust and melamine resin.
Evertech decors are available in two sizes and have many textures: Resina, Quartz, Steel and Radis,

which give the surface a realistic effect even to the touch, recalling the different materials.

In the size 853x395x10,5mm we find nine decors: Nero Ducati, Bistro, Pietra, Intonaco, Concret, Plomb, Provenza, Cendre and Acid Metal.

In the size 2600x270x10,5mm are collected all the decorations with Radis finish, which takes up the idea of wooden formwork for concrete structures, and are: Nero Radis, Concret Radis and Bistro Radis.

To find out in detail all new features Lumbertech and Evertech presented, just go to the page on Skema's website, here you can click on each proposal and learn about each technical detail.

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