Marina Real new entry into the Outside collection

Outside, the Skema outdoor flooring collection is enriched, Marina Real is born, completing the Marina Decking line with Classic and Compact.
A real revolution in the panorama of composite wood outdoor flooring, super resistant and waterproof, that Skema offers in 6 decors.

  • Teak
  • Teak Ossidato
  • Frassino Nero
  • Ipe Lapacho
  • Massaranduba
  • Frassino Ibiza

These are the names that compose the new proposal and are characterized by an ultra-natural aesthetic performance, where the veins and flames of the various essences reproduced in staves of size 2900x143x22.5 mm are enhanced.

But the real exclusivity of Marina Real is its structure, a technological innovation that involves the same material of which the new Skema decking is made.

A compact material without glues

Marina Real is a co-extruded that comes from the melting at very high temperature of wood and polyethylene fibers. A production technique that allows high performance, excludes the use of glues and chemical sustances and uses recycled materials to create the extrusion mass core. During the coextrusion process the central mass is encapsulated and melted with a polymer film that acts as an external shield and which makes the decking waterproof and ultra resistant to scratches.

Beautiful, practical and resistant

An outdoor floor that is easy to clean and requires very little maintenance because it does not absorb residues or liquids. The polyethylene shield protects the decking from mold formation and deterioration, even the color remains unchanged over the years, all this means that no maintenance and restoration operations are necessary.

Outside world

There is a world out there waiting just to be 100% lived. The desire to experience nature and enjoy life en plein air is certainly strong in beautiful season, but with the right solutions even in everyday life we can enjoy the exteriors of houses, apartments and public places.
Waiting for sunny days, enjoy this mini tour of the outdoor realizations made with our Outside line.



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