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A single family for all Skema branded resilients, two new products to give more precise solutions to different situations and a new classification that comes directly from the MMFA. This is the summary of the 2018 news that we introduce.

Flex included in Sintesy line

From today Flex and Sintesy become one thing. We have combined all our resilient products in one line and we have gone beyond the differences purely related to the material. If we have previously distinguished the collections by type of materials adopted and then between the PCV-Free Flex and the LVT of Connect and Touch, we now think that the large family of resilients deserves a unique "home".

New entry 2018 Fit.Lay and Star.K

Two new products enter the Sintesy line, it is Fit.lay which is characterized by being self-laying, therefore without joints, and Star.k with great dimensional stability.
Sintesy Fit.Lay is a self-laying LVT that gives space to creativity and is proposed in ten original decoratives, wood effect, resin effect and tatami effect. Thanks to the specific structure of the substrate that creates adherence with the floor, it can be laid in adhrence, so as to make both the application and removal operations very quick, but it can also be glued in a permanent or semi-permanent way. The system of installation without joints, with straight cut of the sides that characterizes it, allows you to cut and shape the floor creating personalized geometries and placing easily side by side different decoratives, its rapidity of installation, assembly and disassembly make it ideal for inspectable raised floors, for fairs and for setting up shops and showrooms.
Sintesy Star.K is a large format heterogeneous vinyl floor which is characterized by its dimensional stability. Star.K is a new generation LVT made from only one piece instead from multilayers, equipped with an extruded panel that makes it semi-rigid but flexible, strong and stable even if subjected to strong changes in temperature. Equipped with pre-coupled acoustic background, it does not fear humidity. It is proposed in 10 different decors, eight with wood effect and two with a material effect.

The new MMFA classification

The multilayer surface sector is an innovative and in great expansion sector, therefore it is important to provide a clear market guide.
The European MMFA association, which represents the leading flooring manufacturers and suppliers in Europe and of which Skema is the only Italian partner and founder, has felt the need to define a clear and homogeneous classification so as to guarantee the quality and safety of the products that are part of it.
The proposal made in January 2018 by the association divides the stratified products with click connection (therefore not Glue-Down or Loose-Lay) into three classes:
Class1. products that have a wood fiber in the support panel (> 65%) with a decoration / protection in polymer or cork, such as Flex.
Class 2a. LVT products (all polymers and not only PVC) realized with a static or calender technique. Connect 30 and Connect 55G belong to this classification. 
Class 2b. Products made with polymers by static or calendering technique, but with rigid panel support, with EPC or SPC production technique. Class in which we also find the new Star.K
Class 3. Products not included in the above-mentioned categories, made for example with mineral panels, realized with varnishes or other systems.
Thanks to the new classes it will be easier for buyers and installers to clearly identify the requirements of each type of product, one more security in the vast and varied world of resilient floors.

To everyone their resilient

In the section dedicated to Skema resilient floors, you can discover all the Sintesy collections and look at the details of each decor. Flexible, thin, resistant, silent, practical: many qualities of the resilient floors. Be amazed by the colors and solutions of Connect 30, Connect 55G, Star.K, Fit.Lay and Flex.


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